Career Search Essentials – for those seeking a work or career change

“Did you know 75% of roles are NOT advertised?”

Looking for a career change? This 2 day program will equip you with job search skills to market yourself for the right role.  An interactive workshop where you will hone your skills on self marketing, utilising social media, interview practice to build confidence, goal setting, time management, positive direction, tapping into the hidden job market and time to reinvigorate your CV.

This program is usually advertised and run as an “open” workshop, please register your interest directly as we can also run this as a 1:1 program tailored to suit your needs.

Who is this for?

A challenging and rewarding 2 day workshop targeted at individuals seeking a work or career change.

You will walk away with a social media strategy to self market, job search marketing ideas, an enhanced CV and a better understanding of your capabilities and attributes and how to apply these to get the right role for you.


2 day workshop.

Contact us today to discuss if our Career Search Essentials program could be right for you.