Transition Programs – Two-day Career Search Essentials Program

Transition is a natural process we all go through and everybody handles it in his or her own unique way.  Transition means change and natural human behaviour causes many of us to default to resisting whatever is changing.

From a professional perspective: a redundancy, change of role or reentering the workforce can be daunting.

The coined term “the butterfly effect” refers to the effect that one small change can result in larger differences at a later time or state.  Think of applying this to a new career, by making sustainable changes you can make a big difference to your professional life and overall individual performance and that of the organisation!

We run a two-day Career Search Essentials program with a focus on dealing with change in your career around role, industry or even going into your own business.  This challenging and rewarding 2-day workshop is targeted at individuals seeking a role change or total career change.  You will walk away with a social media strategy to self-market, job search marketing ideas, an enhanced CV and a better understanding of your capabilities and attributes and how to apply these to get the right role for you.

Internal change within organisations and businesses can create turmoil and low morale if change is not communicated effectively or in a timely manner.  We tailor workshops around dealing with internal organisational change and keeping motivation up during this challenging time.  One on one executive coaching can also assist individuals in dealing with change and what is means for them on a personal level.