Team Building – how to build a winning team

A winning team is a highly motivated one where every member is performing in unison at a high level.  Results are being achieved and even exceeded and there is trust, loyalty, openness and a winning environment.  Not all teams get to this level and when they do it is not often sustainable.  The team manager or team member may move on or be promoted, a restructure make take place or role expectations may change. This can leave the team in turmoil resulting in a lack of focus, direction and even motivation.

Creating and maintaining a cohesive winning team can take a lot of work and needs to be an ongoing focus not just a one off event.  Mapping motivation for a high performing team is one way to really energise the team but fostering self awareness of what motivates each individual at work and colleagues we work with.

Did you know, research shows that attitude and motivation can account for more 
than 60 percent of the formula for job and organisational success?

By understanding our own motivations at work we have a deeper awareness of these and the things we need to do to satisfy these at work.  Not only will we be happier and be doing what energises us but we can understand what we need to do to compliment other people in our team.  Too often we get caught up sliding into a role we are good at but it doesn’t motivate us.

We need to ensure that our team are in roles they are competent in whilst doing the things they enjoy.  Imagine having every team member playing to their strengths and understanding what makes each other tick.  We run a 1 and 2 day workshop around understanding motivators as a team where everyone walks away totally motivated, energised and with a new perspective on working even better together.