Effective Presentations – designing effective presentations

This program equips you with the key insights to set up, design and deliver an effective presentation either in a formal or informal setting.  By planning out and knowing your content, audience and delivery method you cannot help but be more confident in delivering what would be an effective and persuasive presentation.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques are incorporated into this program.  You will walk away with a tool kit of powerful, easy to use skills that will increase your ability to influence, build deep rapport and effective engagement with your audience.

Key themes could be around setting up your environment, message and medium to deliver, building engagement early on with your audience, models of ways to communicate, presentation structure to tap into audience, proposal writing skills and practice to apply these learnings in safe and non-judgmental environment.

Who is this for?

For anyone who presents internally or to external clients, buyers or stakeholders.

If you or your team want to up-skill and layer into your current presentation tool kit whether it be gaining more confidence, applying structure or understanding your audience to engage and influence more effectively.

A great 2 days to invest in what many of us do as a core function of our role!


2 day workshop.