Decoding Motivation through Language – understand what makes people tick

Hearing, seeing and understanding how and what others communicate to us is vital in really understanding what makes people tick. Decoding a persons’ language either face to face or via email can help you identify how they interpret the world.

Why would we do this?  By understanding others more deeply we can communicate to them in a way they will be more receptive to which will be build rapport more easily, deeper engagement and therefore result in deeper and richer relationships.

During this 1 day program you will learn how to understand what some of your key drivers are and therefore those of others.  Using LAB (language & behavioural) profiling questions you will walk away with a tool kit to apply in your professional life which will further enhance rapport, influencing and stronger relationships.

Who is this for?

This program is for anyone wanting to understand others more deeply and explore the underlying motivation that comes through in what and how people communicate through language. Whether applied to internal or external clients, your direct team or yourself, this 1 day foundation program will give you a lot to think about and transfer to everyday life.


1 day workshop.