Communication and Influencing – master your skills

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is one of the most important skills to master within any role.

  • You may be liaising with internal or external stakeholders or maybe you lead a team or division?
  • What will it cost you or the organisation not to communicate effectively?

Communication is all about getting the response that you want and there are many variables involved such as body language, voice tone, pace & pitch, verbal cues and all the factors that make us who we are as individuals, such as experiences, culture, intellect and the way we interpret the world. It’s no wonder that the majority of team and organisational issues usually stem from a breakdown in communication skills.  Imagine being able to apply targeted communication skills to enhance the effectiveness of your interactions every day with every person you come across.  By sharpening your communication skills you will build rapport more easily and therefore be in a better position to influence and create change where needed.  We run programs to equip you to be able to decode motivation through language which enables you to tap into underlying motivators of people and therefore understand what makes them tick so you can communicate in a way that appeals to them.  Run even more effective internal or external presentations by understanding your message, audience and ways to tap into them.

Learn what influencing style you have and how to flex your style to suit the situation and person and much much more.

All of our programs add another layer of skill to your tool belt to ensure you are communicating and influencing for success.