Coaching Essentials – maximise team performance & engagement

This program will assist in developing coaching competencies and management techniques to maximise team performance & engagement.  Successful managers and leaders that coach regularly can ensure growth of individuals, timely feedback, successful management of conflict and motivation of their team.

This program would be designed to suit your current areas of focus and could include: rapport building, listening and questioning techniques, The GROW coaching model, feedback delivery, coaching practice, styles of coaching & overcoming that difficult conversation.

“Executive coaching can increase overall effectiveness in role by up to 18%.”
Source: Sales Executive Council

Who is this for?

This workshop is targeted at managers and leaders at all levels who want an interactive hands on workshop around the modality of professional coaching. Coaching is a large part of a managers and teams success and this workshop explores all aspects of the coaching model, how to apply it, give feedback and engage others in the coaching experience.


1-2 day workshop.