Coaching for Managers – have you considered the possibilities?

Do you manage a team or are looking to manage people in the future? If you are, coaching for managers would or should be a large component of what you do.  Coaching dates back to early sports psychology and the results of applying coaching in the workplace are profound.  Being a manager as coach means that you will assist and guide individuals in your team to identify blind spots, stretch their capabilities and professional strengths whilst coaching them through change and development to be the best they can be. Recent ICF studies concluded that 70% of people undertaking executive coaching had an improvement in work performance and 51% with improvement in team effectiveness!

As a coach  you will challenge and empower your team to come up with your their own solutions by using powerful questioning, tools & techniques. You will be make them accountable for your own actions and as their coach be there to guide, challenge and assist  them.  Some people have a natural coaching ability especially if they have progressed through an organisation that has a coaching culture. Most of us need a framework and model that can be applied to make coaching an effortless part of our role.

Recent ICF (International Coaching Federation) 2013 studies found that there was a dramatic lift in many areas of the organisation with those undergoing an executive coaching program either from an outside source or their manager.

  • 70% improvement on overall work performance
  • 51% increase in team effectiveness
  • 80% increase in self confidence
  • 73% had improved relationships at work
  • 72% had improvement in their communication skills
  • 67% had improved work life balance

Maybe you are a new manger and need to develop basic coaching essentials such as a framework to follow and hands on practice to bring this to life. Maybe you are a leader as coach and mentor and want to look deeper into the modality of coaching and it’s applications back in the workplace.  Coaching is not a remedial solution but one that is applied to even the most successful individuals within your team to enhance and maximise performance by empowering and guiding conversations.

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