Coaching for Managers

Do you manage a team or are you looking to manage people in the future?  If so, coaching would or should be a large component of what you do.  Coaching dates back to early sports psychology and the results of applying coaching in the workplace are profound.  Being a manager as coach means that you will assist and guide individuals in your team to identify blind spots, stretch their capabilities and professional strengths whilst coaching them through change and development to be the best they can be.  Recent ICF studies concluded that 70% of people undertaking executive coaching had an improvement in work performance and 51% with improvement in team effectiveness! Maybe you are a new manager and need to develop basic coaching essentials such as a framework to follow and hands on practice to bring this to life? Maybe you are a leader as coach and mentor and want to look deeper into the modality of coaching and it’s applications back in the workplace.  Learn to coach individuals in order to enhance and maximise performance by empowering and guiding conversations. Learn More

Communication and Influencing

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is one of the most important skills to master within any role.  You may be liaising with internal or external stakeholders or maybe you lead a team or division?  What will it cost you or the organisation not to communicate effectively? Communication is about getting the response that you want and there are many variables involved including body language, voice tone, pace, pitch and verbal cues through language. Understanding these variables things along with the factors that make us who we are as individuals is vital for effective communication.  It is no wonder that the majority of team and organisational issues usually stem from a breakdown in communication skills.  Imagine being able to apply targeted communication skills to enhance the effectiveness of your interactions every day.  By sharpening your communication skills you will build rapport more easily and therefore be in a better position to influence and create change where needed.  Learn to decode motivation through language, NLP techniques and the ability to tap into the motivators of people and run even more effective external or internal presentations. Learn More


We aren’t all born leaders and lucky for us leadership is a skill that can be learnt through practice, experience and understanding yourself and your team better.  Leadership and management go hand in hand and in todays busy corporate environment most of our clients are expected be competent in both, even when transitioning from a non-people management role.  Leading a team can be made a lot easier when you understand core leadership essentials such as your leadership style, rapport building and influencing techniques, powerful ways to question and a simple coaching model to get actions and results through your people in every coaching conversation.  These skills can be mastered over time whether in a junior or senior leadership role.  Learn what stage your team is at and ways to get them to become a winning team achieving a common goal.  Set the strategy and vision for your team whilst aligning this with organisational goals and outcomes.  People love to be part of a winning team where they feel empowered to do what they are good at and enjoy. Learn More

Team Building

A winning team is a highly motivated one where every member is performing in unison at a high level. Results are being achieved and even exceeded and there is trust, loyalty, openness and a winning environment.  Not all teams get to this level and when they do it is not often sustainable.  The team manager or team member may move on or be promoted, a re structure make take place or role expectations may change.  This can leave the team in turmoil resulting in a lack of focus, direction and even motivation.  Creating and maintaining a cohesive winning team can take a lot of work and needs to be an ongoing focus not just a one off event.  Mapping motivation for a high performing team is one way to really energise the team by fostering self awareness of what motivates each individual at work and colleagues we work with.  Did you know, research shows that attitude and motivation can account for more
than 60 percent of the formula for job and organisational success? By understanding our own motivations at work we have a deeper awareness of the things we need to do to satisfy these at work and to compliment others. Learn More

Transition Programs

Looking for a career change? Are you transitioning into a new role or industry?  Maybe you are getting back into the workforce?

Career transition can be a really daunting time and one where we are out of our comfort zone and what we know.  Anything outside our comfort zone is growth and we can assist you in what can be an exciting time of change and reward.  Don’t just get a role that you are good at, get a role that you enjoy as well as being competent in.  Learn Career Search Essentials in one of our workshop programs or have a one on one Career Coaching experience with one of our career experts. Identify where you are at, what your key skills, motivations and competencies are and how these could play out in a fulfilling role or business. Understand how to pitch your brand and self market your skills utilising social media and an impactful CV.  Learn how to build even more confidence to approach the hidden job market and secure that role through the most challenging interview and assessment process.  Set goals for your career and manage your time to do this more effectively whilst ensuring positive direction that results in the right role and the right resource to get there.

You will walk away with a social media strategy to self market, job search marketing ideas, an enhanced CV and a better understanding of your capabilities and attributes and how to apply these to get the right role for you, now! Learn More

Targeted goal setting and planning

Knowing where you and your team or organisation are going is imperative to the direction and action you take!

How often do we caught up in the “doing” and not stop and evaluate where we need to go as a team.  Nearly all of the highest performing teams we work with have their own team goals that are aligned with that of the organisation or business.  Having success outcomes and goals workshopped as a team gets everyone involved and people naturally like to own what we co-create. It makes sense to identify what the team want to achieve as a whole and then break it down into a digestible plan that involves each team member and allows their contribution to play on their strengths where possible.

We have a highly interactive targeted goal setting and planning program that would be designed around your key business and team objectives and could include themes such as: goal setting, strategic planning, creating direction, time management, action planning and the psychology of setting goals for success. Learn More