• Are you looking for a workshop program tailored to your needs, in your language that is delivered in dynamic way with a focus on learning transfer back on the job?

A large part of our offer is running highly interactive and dynamic workshop programs based around your needs and objectives.  We design the program specific to what you are after that will not only satisfy your objectives but also taps into the style and culture of those attending.

  • We start by understanding your business, current challenges and what is already working well
  • We then consult with you on key objectives, success outcomes and key indicators that will ensure a successful program
  • A proposal is then written outlining process, ideas, investment and suggested next steps
  • On agreement to move forward the program will be designed based on your objectives and what we have observed within your business along with our experience
  • Once the program is designed and dates are set, if agreed, pre work is sent to participants to get the workshop “top of Mind” and get participants ready to contribute
  • Program is facilitated as planned with post workshop follow up and actions set at conclusion of workshop

We have run numerous programs in over 25 industries and the most successful ones come from setting clear objectives right at the start with a vision of what success looks like once workshop has been run.  This is fundamental to ensuring the content; hands on activities and skill piece match the needs and motivation of the team or division.  To appeal to the diversity of individuals in workshops our programs incorporate various components to appeal to the visuals, the auditory learners and the highly interactive learners where there is a focus on hands on practice to make the program truly dynamic and not “just another course.”

We are often told time flies during our programs and that it doesn’t feel like work!

We see training and facilitation as only part of the puzzle and reinforce the importance of coaching back on the job to ensure the learning transfer.  Many of our clients utilise our coaching services in between workshops either directly with participants or engage us to coach the manager to coach their team ongoing.

Our key areas of expertise and skill include:

  • Coaching for leaders
  • Communications skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • NLP (Neuro linguistic programming)
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Leadership
  • Motivational mapping
  • Team building
  • Transition & Change Management

We can also facilitate YOUR in-house programs that need to be delivered by highly competent external trainers.  We learn your material and ensure uniformity where this may be run by more than one of our facilitators so that your message and content stays authentic to your organisation.

We look forward to engaging with you on your next learning experience!