Strengthscope photo2What is Strengthscope?

The Strengthscope tool opens the door to success and can be layered into both an individual or organisational coaching program.

What does it do?Strengthscope photo1

  • Strengthscope helps people unleash their true potential.  It is the first step to genuinely understand the qualities that energise and strengthen individuals.  You can discover how to apply strengths at work and achieve exceptional performance.
  • For a lot of individuals, clearly expressing what makes them unique and recognising the opportunities to use strengths in the workplace is a challenge.  As humans we naturally focus on weaknesses or what’s missing – just think about it, it’s ingrained from our past! Think back to your school reports and how much you were told about what you needed to improve on.
  • StrengthscopeTM is designed to clearly identify distinctive strengths at work – the ways of thinking, feeling, and expressing emotions that energise and strengthen individuals.
  • The richness of strengthscope is that it includes 360° feedback from nominated colleagues on your strengths

What’s is the process?

  • Strengthscope is an online questionnaire that you simply complete after being sent an invite via email.
  • If requesting feedback from others on your strengths you will guided through the process to nominate feedback to complete your report.
  • Once completed results come back to Metamorphose Consulting to prepare.

How is it used?

  • Strengthscope compliments many other tools and can be used in your coaching program where you will be debriefed during one of your sessions.
  • Team workshops can be run where Strengths are shared and reflected on.  This builds awareness of team strengths, team reports can be generated and shared.
  • A Strengthscope assessment can be down prior to our Leadership and Coaching workshop programs
  • There are three types of reports to choose from and all clearly outline the qualities that energise individuals (strengths). It allows individuals and teams to develop a better understanding about their distinctive strengths – the ‘Significant Seven’ strengths and each report is full of tips on how to maximise performance at work.

Strengthscope™ Standard Report

Individuals receive an online invitation to complete a 25 minute questionnaire.  This provides individuals with insights into their Significant 7 strengths and tips on how to maximise using strengths at work.

Strengthscope™ 360 Report

Individuals complete the questionnaire and select up to eight nominees to provide feedback on their Significant 7 strengths.  It takes nominees approximately 5 minutes to complete their part and this feedback provides individuals with information about their use of strengths at work

Strengthscope™ Team Report

Additional questions about the team can sit within each questionnaire.  A separate team report aggregates the results from providing insights into the team’s collective strengths and what’s required for future success.