Imagine being handed the key to recruiting the right people for the right role in your organisation?

Mapping motivation of high performers is your answer to this.  It is an approach that comprises of the iWAM Motivational Assessment System and the Model of Excellence (MOE) technology.

So why use Motivational mapping?

  • Evidence indicates that making good hiring decisions and motivating your staff are critical to success
  • Once you hire the right people the ability to keep them motivated can be a challenge
  • Interviews and reference checks usually only identify competencies, rarely are the candidates motivators and attitudes uncovered
  • These mining factors are key to influencing a candidates behaviour at work and can account for up to 60% of the success formula for the candidate at work

iWAM has been designed to evaluate attitudes and motivators at work

  • iWAM is a 40 item questionnaire assessment tool
  • 48 distinct filters measure applicants attitude and motivators
  • Result is an overall profile comparing applicants responses to organisational normative data and national level
  • iWAM is used to assist in screening, selection, placement, development and coaching of an individual.

In my organisation I can use iWAM information to;

  • Enhance recruitment
  • Identify candidates who are a match for organisation and role
  • Position individuals where they can deliver maximum benefit for organisation
  • Coach managers on ways to instil and encourage high performance
  • Improve retention and satisfaction of staff
  • Creation of targeted development plans for long term growth
  • Identify and capitalise on differences and similarities of staff
  • Foster teamwork and cohesiveness in order to achieve goals
  • Reduce wasted time, effort and money on poor hiring decisions.

So what is the Model or Excellence?

The MOE as we call it is:

  • Based on iWAM assessments of your most successful performers in any given role
  • A custom made model that serves as a template for future recruitment of that role
  • Based on organisations key success factors
  • Assists existing staff to operate at a high performance level
  • The MOE is a tailor made screening selection, placement and development tool

The benefits for you?

  • A solution to overcome high staff turnover, lost revenue, poor performance and decreased productivity due to vacancies.
  • Improvement to your hiring process by measuring the missing piece of the puzzle – motivators account for up to 60% of the formula to work success.
  • Increase your retention success rate and minimise incremental cast of interviewing, recruiting and training of new candidates.
  • Minimise the delivery of remedial training and coaching to underperformers due to poor hiring decisions.
  • Equip managers and individuals with tools and motivational language to assist staff development and therefore maximise potential across your organisation.

Contact us today to discuss an MOE for your organisation.

Both the Model of Excellence and the iWAM profiling tool deliver an exceptional return on your investment whilst being competitively priced.