Behaviour is always motivated.  It’s an interesting concept and not something we often think about consciously.

Identify the motive and you’ll understand the behaviour. 

Satisfy the motive and you’ll manage the behaviour.

Research shows that attitude & motivation can account for more than 60 percent of the formula for job & organisation success.

The iWAM tool can help you to understand what motivates yourself and others and has a plethora of applications to individuals and teams.  We have been using iWAM as part of our coaching programs and team building workshops for 7 years now with amazing success and feedback.

What is iWAM?

It is an online profiling tool that stands for Inventory of Work, Attitudes and Motivators.

  • iWAM is not a personality profile – It is a system that provides a window into the intrinsic 

             motivations and attitudes of people in their work.

  • Every iWAM is a unique fingerprint
  • The iWAM is a 40-item questionnaire
    based on a model of cognitive thinking
    style that underline performance at work.
  • Context based
  • 89.33% accuracy
  • It measures 48 motivators and attitudes within a work context

What does iWAM measure?

  • Your priorities at work
  • Thinking styles at work/business
  • Problems solving and attaining objectives
  • Dealing with change and time issues
  • Dealing with people/interest filters
  • What is your decision making strategy?
  • Primary work motivators

Report Options

  • Individual
  • Paired Comparisons
  • Team reports
  • Language to influence & motivate

There are numerous report formats tailored to suit individual and team requirements.

The Process

  • You will receive an online invitation
  • Click on link and follow prompts
  • Rank the 40 item questionnaire 1 to 5 (takes 20-30 minutes)
  • Complete process in current role context and uninterrupted
  • Results will be generated and collated and you will be debriefed individually on results and applications back on the job.

iWAM can be used

Download your sample report

iWAM Individual Report - Sample meta report