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Motivational Profiling – change the way you see the world

When we started out we were accredited in and utilising five profiling tools.  Now, almost eight years on we only utilise two very amazing tools.  Why you may ask? Well, the answer is this, why have six when two cover the deepest most important and measurable aspects of behaviour.

A lot of tools look at the tip of the iceberg, we like to drill deeper down and really understand what is going on beyond the surface that is driving the behaviour we see.

In 2006 when I was introduced to the iWAM tool, this changed the way I personally saw the world. This tool is profound and has a plethora of applications within coaching, team dynamics, self-motivation, leadership, recruitment and can be the linchpin of building a high performing team who really understand each other.

iWAM is an online assessment tool that deciphers what motivates you in a work context.  There are 48 things that motivate us at work and iWAM sorts these from your highest preference to your lowest.  Imagine 48 tapas plates, which ones are your prawns and which are the jellyfish? Unless you like jellyfish it is advantageous to ensure that you and your manager satisfy and drive what really motivates you.  This ensures we don’t slip into a role just because we are good at it but because we are competent at it and enjoy it.  This then results in happiness, productivity and role satisfaction.

There is a big difference when being motivated in a role opposed to just doing a role because you are good at it.

iWAM came out of Belgium and was the first online NLP based tool to come out in 2000.  It has an 89% accuracy and with the hundreds of executives we have had the pleasure of debriefing, the feedback is always positive and results scarily accurate leaving individuals with deep insight into what really motivates them at work.

How do we use iWAM?

  • IWAM is used in the coaching process, an example of this is if you took up an 8-session package we would use the tool and debrief you on your results in session 2 or 3
  • Team building, we run a 1-2 day program where all participants complete iWAM prior and the program is based on understanding individual results and ways and actions to compliment each other to work better together
  • iWAM models of Excellence can be built so you can replicate the motivators of high performers in any role.  After statistical analysis based on top performers completing iWAM we then conduct qualitative and quantitative interviews to ensure accuracy. We can then build a blue print on what motivates top performers in any particular role. This blueprint is used in conjunction with competency-based interviews and can account for up to 60% of predictability of success in a role.