Drowning in the chaos of life, work and juggling a million things? Feel like you are running in the same spot with sometimes blurred direction and lack of motivation? You can’t run at full capacity as a leader, business owner or generally as a person if your energy and the essence that makes you, you is depleted.

Book in for our 1 day interactive “Master your Mojo” workshop where you will walk away with insights, tools and thinking to take your mojo to the next level!

Walk away with:
• Deeper self-awareness
• Clearer purpose and intent
• A heightened curious and bursting mind-set
• Identify and map your motivation
• Self-management to leverage time
• Strategies to maximise your energy
• A plan to focus on what really matters

What’s included:
• 1 full day workshop facilitated by Renée Giarrusso
• An energy session with the amazing Amanda Adey from Auric Fields
• Access to sharing and learning with like-minded people
• All workshop materials