Shift from the overwhelm of a management mindset to a clearer and focused leadership mindset. Increase motivation, performance and results in your team, organisation and business through our Limitless Leadership Pathway.

We aren’t all born leaders, but luckily for us leadership is a skill that can be learnt through practice, experience and understanding yourself and your team better.

Leadership and management go hand in hand and in today’s busy corporate environment. most people are expected be competent in both, even when transitioning from a non-people management role.

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Working with thousands of leaders at all levels, we find:

  • They are time poor and skill stretched
  • They want to work “on” their team and not just “in” their team
  • They need to resolve the unresolved people problems and deal with change
  • They are transitioning from a management mindset to a leadership mindset
  • They are preparing for a future that may or may not exist that needs focus
  • They want to increase their coaching and mentoring capability
  • They are taking on a team with little or no people management experience
  • Succession planning their leadership gets missed
  • They have a need to become more agile and co-creative
  • They need to increase overall level of leadership and results
  • They need to enhance their leadership to shape the future and be limitless!

Our Limitless Leadership program is a strategic pathway with regular workshops, coaching and immersions to ensure the lessons are embedded back on the job and are applied in real time with real situations. We take you from where you are on the ladder below to being STAND OUT and LIMITLESS where you lead your organisation and industry.

Leading a team can be made a lot easier and more effective when you understand and apply the key skills and mindset to create even more success.

Our programs deep dive into areas such as: your leadership style, strategies to build rapport, and communication that cuts through to build deep and meaningful relationships and networks. Investing in time to grow key skills such as coaching and mentoring that will assist in actions and results through your people in order to empower them, leverage your time and create future leaders. We workshop ways to build a high performing team and set strategic vision and goals. Build real connection and engagement through understanding what motivates those around you and leverage this to build a strengths-based team. To do this we break apart self-management to manage time, delegation, conversations for growth and your brand as a leader and so much more!

True commitment, effective communication and deep connection is key in any leadership role.

We believe in “Limitless leadership”. This is leadership that knows no bounds and is a continuous journey of learning, unlearning and reimagining the future. To get there we need to step outside of ourselves and work our way up the Limitless Leadership Ladder:

The Limitless Leadership Pathway is a program that is tailored with a focus on YOUR needs and where you are positioned in the above model. It has 3 phases with 2 -3 hour “Skill Pill” immersions in between each workshop to embed learnings.

Limitless leadership I – Emerging Leaders

  • 1 day workshop

Limitless Leadership II – Current Leaders

  • 2-day workshop

Limitless leadership Executive – Senior Leaders & ‘C” suite

  • 2-day workshop

We have great success in incorporating the Strengthscope tool as part of the Executive program. Results of each individual’s top 7 signature strengths are identified and leveraged as a team. This builds a robust program focusing on individual and team leadership.

People love to be part of a winning team where they feel empowered to do what they are good at and enjoy.

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What My Clients Say

A massive thank you from the Metricon Regional West Team to Renée Giarusso for our 2 day Limitless Leadership workshop. Renée was motivating, relatable, engaging and patient which meant we all received the maximum benefit from the 2 days. I can’t wait to share our development stories with you, Renée.

Simon Taylor – Regional Manager at Metricon

What a fantastic 2 days spent working with Renée… provided us with some real learning around leadership and growth. Renée had a very clear and uncomplicated approach to her teaching and given our group ranged from the very experienced to the novice, this helped everyone to understand. The methodology used was easy for all. We would certainly use Renée again without hesitation.

Tony Gall – Metricon Homes Regional West Sales Manager

Renée is an inspirational, knowledgeable and energetic business leader, coach, facilitator, presenter and author. During the last 12 months, I had the privilege of working with Renée on many areas, including her Limitless Leadership Program, Presentation Skills for myself and the team, as well as one-on-one coaching. Renée helped me make several transitions by thinking more deeply about my role in the organisation and the areas I had under invested my focus on and she challenged me to develop new ways of leading people by homing in onto what really motivates them.

Renée’s insights and approach to make complex issues simple cast a different light onto the challenges I was working through and help me made some important decisions.

Marcel Sieira – Passionately helping companies do better business with GS1 Standards

Renée is one of the most effective and engaging trainers I have seen in a very long time. I had the privilege of attending one of her sessions and found it not only thought-provoking but incredibly informative as well as useful in everyday life. She is an expert in the subject taught on the two days and even expanded to give even more insight. I would recommend Renée to anyone who asks.

Mark Jones – Relationship Manager at Toyota Fleet Management

Intrax Consulting Engineers have engaged Renée many times for internal training. I have attended 2 of her training modules and I find Renée to be incredible !!! she is smart and switched-on, her sessions are full of entertainment which keeps you focused throughout the day. She is a great teacher and extremely inspirational.

I have adopted Renée’s techniques in my day to day responsibility and also in life in general and it has helped me progress in my role, get the outcomes I need and work better with others in the industry of all levels. She is extremely positive and excellent at what she does – Go Renée!!

Jessica Borzillo – National Sales Manager Volume Housing at Intrax Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd

Renée is a gifted management consultant with extensive experience in training, facilitation and executive coaching. She knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. Her calming and confident personality makes you feel comfortable and remain engaged during her sessions. Renée is excellent at encouraging trainees to have a go in difficult circumstances. She has an infectious great attitude. Renée is the best trainer I have ever had, there is no price that isn’t worth her training sessions if you want to to be a great manager and leader.

Joseph Kamara – World Vision International

I have participated in Renée’s Limitless Leadership workshops and been a participant on panel discussions at the recent GS1 Australia 2017 SCW conference that were facilitated by Renée. Renée has a unique ability to engage with her audience and challenge the thought process within the room – through her communication of Limitless Leadership Techniques demonstrating how team members at all levels of an organisation can positively impact the organisations vision and strategic objectives.

Michael Davis – Account Director – Retail at GS1 Australia Ltd

We have engaged Renée in facilitating all of our frontline sales training programs. She not only facilitated but was heavily involved in the development of the material and ensuring it was relevant and engaging for the participants. Renée worked closely with a field representative in each state to ensure the material had our DNA throughout and that she had a thorough understanding of the way we operate, our challenges and our opportunities.

Renée has a depth of experience from many sales roles that she draws on during the sessions and that brings a heightened sense of reality to the program.

Its not just someone preaching the theory, Renée is someone who has learned from experience and enjoys sharing that experience with others.

Glenn Vandewater – General Manager Independents & Impulse at Snackbrands Australia

Renée is an inspirational leader and possesses the unique ability to articulate complex theories in a simple way. Her limitless Leadership Masterclass was a time I will value throughout my career. Renée provides in-depth knowledge on many topics from the art of having difficult conversations to empowering your team through coaching and mentoring techniques.

Renée’s energy is contagious and her ability to keep you engaged and actively learning throughout the two days is impressive.

I would recommend Renée’s masterclasses to anyone who wants to push their boundaries and become a limitless leader.

Chelsea Parkinson – Full Service Creative Agency

Renée conducted an ‘Advanced Leadership Skills’ two day training course at our company last week. I found the training extremely valuable. Renée demonstrated a high degree of expertise and her presentation was clear and immediately actionable. In addition, her style was open and inviting to questions and willingly gave her time to responding to questions thoroughly. Renée is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend her for any training on the topic of leadership. At the end of the training program we received her book titled ‘Limitless Leadership’: what a great read. Would definitely recommend as your next read.

Andrew Freeman – Product Support Manager – Metro Field Group at William Adams Pty Ltd

I really enjoyed the Limitless leadership Masterclass which not only provided me me conceptual knowledge about leadership but also opportunities to practice various tools, models, and coaching. That made me realise my current status and how to improve. Renée is really good at engaging everyone in the class and making the most of the interaction. I strongly recommend this class for emerging leaders and established leaders who continuously want to improve. Thanks Renée.

Emily Shin – Manager – Global Solutions at Integration Point, Inc.

I absolutely loved the Limitless Leadership Program. It is one of the most interactive and inspiring training programs I have been to in a long time. I found the content relevant to my role and I can see a shift in my mindset already. Thank you Renée for providing us with the knowledge to better ourselves. I recommend this to anyone genuinely interested in developing their skills and their career further.

Elsa Morgan – Manager, Business Development – Australia at BCD Travel

I spent an incredibly rewarding two days with Renée. Her extensive experience in both leadership and facilitation put the Limitless Leadership Masterclass in an impressive league of its own. I left the session feeling both educated and empowered due to the quality of the materials and Renée’s open and engaging style, which leant itself to many of the diverse ways in which people learn.

Katy Oakley – Marketing Manager at Optima Healthcare Group Pty Ltd

Renée does a fantastic job at presenting the Limitless Leadership Masterclass. She demonstrated a high degree of expertise and her presentation was clear and immediately actionable. In addition, her style was open and inviting to questions and willingly gave her time to responding thoroughly. Renée is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend her for any training on this topic.

Erin Moore – Human Resources Coordinator at Greenpeace Australia Pacific