Limitless Leadership

Shift from the overwhelm of a management mindset to a clearer and focused leadership mindset.

Increase motivation and performance of your team and organisation!

Limitless Leadership Model


We find by shifting your mindset and applying new ways of thinking and tools we elevate many executives from below the line, in the above model, to above the line where they become leaders of teams and leaders of leaders.

In the Limitless leader value model above I have outlined the journey and the impact that is made at each stage and the behaviours and choices that go along with each one.

To go from a ‘manager’ mindset to a ‘leader’ mindset takes skill, will and energy and more than just drive, ambition and some smarts. It all starts with self leadership and making a choice to lead. To create Limitless Leadership, leadership that never ends or stops growing and evolving, we need to look on the inside first and make a decision to commit, learn, unlearn and learn again.

“I’ve been working with Renee for a while and she has delivered leadership seminars to our Managers which have been fantastic and the results have followed. Renee was able to tailor what I requested for the team on each occasion and her professionalism and delivery has been nothing but excellent. If you’re looking for some specific leadership training for your staff I can’t recommend Renee strongly enough.” Brad-Regional Manager Bendigo Bank

Who is this masterclass for?

  • Emerging leaders and executives transitioning from management to leadership
  • Leaders who want to empower, motivate and foster commitment not compliance
  • Time poor, skill stretched leaders who want to do more
  • Leaders of self and those that influence and lead decisions
  • Leaders that want to leave a legacy
  • Business owners managing a team

What will you learn?

  1. Powerful communication skills
  2. Leadership purpose, mindset and belief
  3. Balanced leadership
  4. Rapport building and influencing skills
  5. Decoding motivation to empower and influence
  6. Coaching skills & application
  7. Authentic relationship building & trust
  8. Dynamic feedback techniques to feed forward
  9. Ways to build a cadence of accountability and ownership
  10. leadership vison and plan of application
  11. And much much more!!!

“Renée delivers on her promise of helping leaders and teams achieve their potential. Her guidance, coaching and mentoring over the past 2 years have helped me build a successful team that have achieved growth in excess of 100%.” Rodney, Senior Engineer

Key themes (not restricted to)

Management vs. leadership 

  • Traction to commitment not compliance
  • Leadership purpose, belief & mindset
  • Balanced leadership to empower
  • Style and adaptability to lead
  • Targeted communication skills
  • Rapport building to influence and motivate
  • Decoding motivation to empower and influence teams and decisions

High performance coaching skills and application 

  • Authentic relationships built on trust and disclosure
  • Confidence and innovative ways to to give feedback
  • Dynamic delegation to enable
  • Conversations to move forward
  • Building a cadence of accountability and ownership
  • Your leadership vision
  • Action plan to apply success

“Great program of influencing and understanding motivation of those we work with. Renee was extremely dynamic and engaging and I took so much away.”

“Very interactive workshop, one of the best I have been involved in before.  It was hands on and I loved that it wasn’t all text book but free flowing, fun and dynamic.”

“Highly recommend this leadership and team building workshop to other potential leaders.  The content was relevant and eye opening and Renee was every well informed, experienced and hands on and also adaptable to working with 9 different company leaders in one room.  My organisations money was very well spent.”

Recent workshop attendees

LL leadership model_RGB

Both days are highly interactive with over 60% of the workshop based on skills practice and dynamic learning. Highly facilitated around the groups objectives and level of leadership experience you will walk away feeling energised and equipped for even more success!

Individual one hour coaching sessions with Renee are up to $1000, this 2 day program is a great way to access over 18 years of leadership knowledge, skills and new and innovative thinking.

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Renee. I was in awe of Renee’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas on easy to use coaching and leadership models. Her energy and passion was so inspiring and engaging. “Talk about motivating”. As a trainer, coach, mentor, leader and facilitator Renee earns my highest recommendation.” Rachael – General Manager

 Looking to run a tailored program in-house?

We can run this program across three levels in your organisation:
-Leadership Foundations for Future leaders
-Limitless leadership I for emerging and existing leaders (mid level)
-Limitless Leadership II for Senior established leaders


Make contact with us for any additional information