Organisational Leadership Coaching – a tailored approach

Recent ICF (International Coaching Federation) studies found that there was a dramatic lift in many areas of the organisation with those undergoing an executive coaching program.

  • 70% improvement on overall work performance
  • 51% increase in team effectiveness
  • 80% increase in self confidence
  • 73% had improved relationships at work
  • 72% had improvement in their communication skills
  • 67% had improved work life balance

We have designed a fantastic coaching solution to run across your organisation that includes both one on one coaching and team coaching workshops.  This can be run over 6 months to 1 year dependent on your timeframe, objectives and size of the team or division.

How does it work?

  • The program will be tailored to your organisational objectives and focus
  • We would run a 1 day workshop to introduce the program, logistics, benefits and framework
  • Nominated executives would then receive 8-12 one on one coaching sessions built around agreed objectives with a structure in place to deliver this
  • Those that are part of the coaching program will attend a 3 x 1 day workshops spaced periodically throughout individual coaching sessions

The benefits

By combining individual coaching with strategically placed team coaching workshops all participants get an individual and team experience of coaching.  Each individual will have a one on one experience for themselves as well as the chance to practice and learn how to coach and lead as part of a team.  This creates uniformity of methodology and reinforcement back on the job.  A great way to build a coaching culture within your organisation!


8-12 one on one coaching sessions per person and 3 x 1 day coaching workshops as a team.

Team Executive Coaching

How could your team benefit from group coaching?  Maybe a decision or strategy cannot be agreed upon?

Maybe you need fresh eyes and someone that can challenge them from a different perspective?

This could be around team goals, objectives, values or strategic planning.  One of our coaches can facilitate, coach and guide your team to a shared outcome.


1-3 x four hour sessions (this will be dependent on team size and desired outcome).

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