Thinking of a career or industry change?  Maybe you are at a cross roads after having time off or just need some direction in your current role?

So many executives do what they are good at but not necessarily what they enjoy.  Sometimes as time goes by we slip into roles we are competent in or end up in a role doing something we never planned to do and wake up one day asking ourselves “Why am I doing this?”

There is a big difference between doing what you truly love and what you enjoy and this is something you can discover on your career coaching program.

We have formulated a program that would be tailored around your career objectives and direction.

Key themes could include:

  • Understanding where you are now
    • Completion of an iWAM report to gain a deep and reliable insight into your motivators and attitudes at work
    • Identify your core attributes & competencies and what this looks like as a career
    • Understand your strengths and how to play these out at work
    • Understand your 7 signature strengths with the Strengthscope tool
    • Develop skills (such as leadership) for that next role
    • Action plan to pursue chosen pathway


6 sessions over a 5-6 month period.

Moving on Coaching

Retrenchment can be one of life’s most stressful and disheartening events.  To successfully make that next step, you need to be ready for this by being in the right frame of mind to move on and, more importantly, to know specifically what type of role they are looking for.  Similarly, many executives know they are unhappy in their current role and want an alternative, but are unsure as to what they are really looking for.

Most outplacement services spend very little time with clients processing the event and discovering the deeper needs and values they have around career.  They quickly move a client into activities such as resume writing and job applications, often before the client has put much thought into the next role.

How we can assist you

Our Traction in Career Transition© program provides a highly specialised executive coaching service that meets a need of the marketplace that is often overlooked. We work one-on-one with executives to:

  • process the issues around retrenchment,
  • discover their needs and values around career
  • determine their key motivators and attitudes to work
  • determine realistic and meaningful career goals for their next role

Discovering your clarity and purpose

The Traction in Career Transition© program is five hours of one-on-one coaching time covering:

  • Client debrief – releasing the information and emotion about the retrenchment experience, reframing and freeing themselves to move forward
  • Use of coaching tools such as the Mentor’s Table to understand more about themselves and possibilities
  • Completion of an iWAM report to gain a deep and reliable insight into their motivators and attitudes at work
  • Values elicitation to understand what matters most about their career
  • Development of realistic goals and practical strategies to achieve successful and rewarding placement


5 x 1 hr sessions over 3 months

We have a team of highly qualified ICF Accredited coaches that can coach across your organisation throughout Australia.

Coaching can be done via Skype, phone or face to face.