You know where you want to go and you may be already successful in your role or business?

Sometimes you question WHAT is it that you need to do and HOW are you going to get there? It is not always easy to recognise our own blind spots or get out of our own head…

A coach is someone that will assist you to identify blind spots, stretch your capabilities and professional strengths whilst coaching you through change and development to be the best you can be!

Recent ICF studies concluded that 70% of people undertaking executive coaching had an improvement in work performance and 51% with improvement in team effectiveness!

A coach will challenge you and empower you to come up with your own solutions by using powerful questioning, tools & techniques throughout your sessions.  You will be accountable for your own actions and your coach is there to guide, challenge and assist you on whatever journey you may be embarking on.

Coaching is a relationship built on trust and is a very unique one. All sessions are non judgmental and confidential. One of our accredited coaches will collaborate with you on your success to assist you to achieve the objectives you set out prior to commencing the coaching program.

Coaching programs can consist of one on one sessions to each individual person or we can tailor a coaching program across your organisation with bi monthly team workshops to reinforce learnings and coaching culture.

Many people ask us what coaching we do and overall my answer to them is “Performance Coaching.” We coach you to the desired performance you need to achieve or sustain professionally, personally or in your business.

Benefits of Coaching

All coaching encounters are different for each individual with broad benefits that can result from coaching listed below:

  • Focus on self & team at a deeper level
  • Growth around leadership & influencing skills
  • Ability to utilise motivators & strengths as the linchpin underlying the development & practice of work competencies & satisfaction in role
  • Enhanced communication strategies, vision & action plan
  • Clear succession plan and focus
  • Accelerated progress and direction
  • Increased engagement & confidence
  • Specific Skills focus

Recent ICF (International Coaching Federation) 2013 studies found that there was a dramatic lift in many areas of the organisation with those undergoing an executive coaching program.

  • 70% improvement on overall work performance
  • 51% increase in team effectiveness
  • 80% increase in self confidence
  • 73% had improved relationships at work
  • 72% had improvement in their communication skills
  • 67% had improved work life balance

Coaching falls into 3 key categories:

Coaching for you

This is one on one coaching where you contact your coach at the agreed time and agreed medium such as face to face, Skype or phone.

The program & duration is tailored to your needs and may incorporate your up line when setting up the program and objectives, if it is signed off by your organisation.

Session packages will vary, please see our coaching programs.

Coaching for your team

How could your team benefit from group coaching?  Maybe a decision or strategy cannot be agreed upon? Maybe you need fresh eyes and someone that can challenge them from a different perspective?

This could be around team goals, objectives, values or strategic planning.  One of our coaches can facilitate, coach and guide your team to a shared outcome.

Coaching for your business

Are you a business owner who is always working in the business and not on it?
As frustrating as this may seem, unless you make the time and invest in having a clear strategy and plan you will always be working in the business.

Business coaching is a fantastic vehicle to drive this change and can be scheduled outside work hours and periodically to ensure you can still run your business.

Business consulting is a service we offer to assist you in maximising your business potential.

Modes of coaching

Your coaching sessions can take place via:

  • Skype/Go to meeting
  • Phone
  • Face to face (real face time)

In todays busy world you can stay connected to your coach with a medium that suits you.

Many clients choose a mixture of coaching modes and this can be discussed with your coach during your program set up.  It really is a convenient way to ensure momentum and traction of your coaching program.

Phone and email support is offered to all clients in between coaching sessions, this builds a highly collaborative coaching relationship as we are a resource available to you outside of your sessions.