Coach to Lead, Empower and Leverage Time! If not now, when?

This week we are going to delve into a topic I am extremely passionate about, and that is delegating thinking to others! In a recent article we looked at the 3C‘s to your success being Capability, Confidence and Capacity. I reckon, if you get these right and in balance you are setting yourself up […]

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Be an Asker not a Teller!

It is proven that we learn about life by asking questions. Children naturally start learning about the world by observing, testing and asking “why.” The more open the question we ask the more we learn and in as a manager or leader coaching the more open questions we ask the coachee the more the […]

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Embrace Unknown Change – Focus on what isn’t changing

Change is one of the few constants of life. Many people detest change while some embrace it, it all comes down to how you are wired to deal with it and the reference and experience you associate with it. Change makes us feel uneasy as it takes us into the unknown and moves us […]

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The “TO BE” List – Needs to Come First

How do you keep going? Do you ever stop? I am asked this constantly and I have to say a big part of the reason I’m always energetically moving is because I love what I do and the people I work with. I also love lists and nothing satisfies me more than crossing out […]

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Are You a Giver or Taker?

It has been a massive year for RG Dynamics with a diverse array of clients coming on board, the creation of new programs, keynotes and workshops and the lovely Laura starting with us in October as our Client Services Manager! A big thank you and so much gratitude to all of our amazing clients […]

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