Renée is a gifted management consultant with extensive experience in training, facilitation & executive coaching.  She knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to.  Her calming and confident personality makes you feel comfortable and remain engaged during her sessions. Renée is excellent at encouraging trainees to have a go at difficult circumstances.  She has an infectious great attitude. Renée is the best trainer I have ever had, there is no price worth her training sessions if you want to be a great manager and leader.

– Joseph Kamara Regional Manager, International Programming Group at World Vision Australia

The facilitator was very clear and to the point.  She covered a broad range of methods and all was very well set up and structured.  I found many things useful and I will apply these I would definitely recommend this program-it opens the mind to different ways to process information.

Renée was absolutely exceptional!


Renée has assisted ReachLocal with a range of coaching and communication tools together with easy to implement methodology.  Renée is a specialist in iWAM, a job EQ assessment program.  We ran this assessment across our management team which delivered strong insights into work place behaviour and communication needs.  In 2012 Renée designed a two-day ‘Developing Managers’ workshop from scratch. This piece of work is so well written; it has fully met our needs for developing new and existing managers to achieve even greater performance from their teams.

– Ken Leicester. Director – Learning and Sales Systems ReachLocal Australia

Renée was a great facilitator for developing stronger relationships within an existing team.  She helped the team identify internal barriers to their own and the teams development. She provided energy and enthusiasm and helped generate curiosity in team members about each other.

– Jenni Smith; Healthcare

Just a quick note of thanks for the IWAM session that you facilitated with the team here at Select Harvests.

As you will know, the feedback on the day was extremely positive, but the thing that stood out for me was the effort you went to understanding the individuals and the roles they occupy here, and how they interact, prior to the day of our session.  For me this was invaluable, as you were able to tailor the session to the group, making the content relevant, interesting and thought provoking.

You will be pleased to know that of the 3 major items of follow up from the session 2 have already been implemented with the third planned for early in the new year.

Once again, thanks.

– Matthew Graham – Group Manager Sales and Marketing

My company, ImPOS Point of Sale, hired Renée to provide leadership and customer service training.

We have a staff of 30 and keeping both managers and employees up to date with the latest and greatest techniques is not something we are brilliant at internally.

Renée provided training to in both these areas with the management / leadership training being especially brilliant.  Feedback from managers was very strong and we plan to engage Renée again.  In fact, ImPOS has already organised one-on-one coaching by Renée for four keys staff members.

– Ben Fuller Strategy at ImPOS

Renée is an outstanding trainer.  I was fortunate to sit in on one of Renée’s training sessions covering positive workplace relationships and marketing to employers amongst several other topics.  She has a real ability to make the complex simple and traverse diversity of vocation/career directions at its many levels. Renée does this in an enthusiastic and engaging way, generously imparting seasoned knowledge and experience that cannot help but motivate and benefit attendees.  She knows how to affect change and will make a difference.

– Martin Coleman Owner / Managing Director of Coleman Integrated Marketing Pty Ltd and Chief

A very interactive session, applies to real world situations. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve regardless of whether they have had prior leadership training.

Renée is an excellent facilitator and made the information real!

One of the best, if not the best presenters I have ever seen in a course!

Relevant content around early leadership and this can be implemented into any work or personal situation with some practice.

Highly engaging and moved on to more relevant areas when group needed it.

On behalf of all participants at the 2013 Cookers National Sales Conference I would like to congratulate Renée on an outstanding workshop presentation. Ours is a unique business and it was gratifying to have a consultant who took the time to understand and learn about Cookers..

Particularly impressive was the tailoring of the presentation directly to our business – in conjunction with Julian the group work on typical issue case studies was excellent.  Also impressive was the level of retention the participants were able to display.  This is a direct reflection on their actual engagement.

We look forward to the June and September follow up training sessions.

Well planned – Well presented – Well Done!

– Peter Fitzgerald, CEO Cookers Bulk Oil Systems

Renée is an awesome facilitator! With energy, smarts and a depth of real life experiences to share which inform – Renée delivers workshops which are engaging and inspiring.

– Kyla-Jane Rickard Head of Donor Partnerships at World Vision Australia

We hired Renée to do Team Leader coaching at Open Universities Australia.  Her professionalism and results was fantastic, we will continue to use her skills and expertise moving forward. Well done Renée.

– Phyllyp Matthews Senior Team Leader at Open Universities Australia

Renée is very good.  She kept us engaged throughout the senior leadership workshop. 

She is obviously very experienced and an expert in her field.  This translated to a very smooth and professional experience for me. Well done!!!!

Renée was fantastic at consulting some of our team, touching on challenges from both macro and micro level.  Many different learning styles and organisation tips!

– Laura Watsford Business Development Executive at Buchanan Group

Renée as great at adjusting the course contents to specific participants needs.

Renée was an energetic presenter who listened to participants wishes and attended to them extremely well, despite the diversity of clients needs in the group.  I have come away with useful ideas to put into practice, thank you!

Renée is very well organised, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages.  Her verbal communication skills are excellent. I would highly recommend Renée and the iWAM concept as I have personally experienced the great benefit for myself and also my team since completing.” 

– Loretta Mackay. Head of Sales Support Australia Post

Metamorphose run very hands on programs, kept us interested all the time! Very knowledgeable, happy to adjust and mold subject matter to suit participants.

We have engaged Renée in facilitating all of our frontline sales training programs.  She not only facilitated but was heavily involved in the development of the material and ensuring it was relevant and engaging for the participants.  Renée worked closely with a field representative in each state to ensure the material had our DNA throughout and that she had a thorough understanding of the way we operate, our challenges and our opportunities.
Renée has a depth of experience from many sales roles that she draws on during the sessions and that brings a heightened sense of reality to the program.
It’s not just someone preaching the theory, Renée is someone who has learned from experience and enjoys sharing that experience with others.

– Glenn Vandewater. General Manager Independents & Impulse at Snackbrands Australia

A good mix of challenging topics giving much food for thought and opportunity for personal growth.  I highly recommend any workshop Metamorphose Consulting run!

Knowledgeable & rewarding. Introduced to new tools with appropriate role play to demonstrate to demonstrate effectiveness.

Renée is highly skilled in facilitating training in the affective domain.  She treats people as very special individuals and can find the positive slant to all situations. 

Renée had researched the material extremely well; she was able to use relevant Anecdotes  and examples, tailoring the sessions to the group.  She also incorporates her coaching skills to encourage each person in the group.

I would recommend Renée to any organisation looking for a professional facilitator with an excellent insight into business, highly developed organisational skills, outstanding people skills and a relaxed presentation style.  Basically, she gets the job done with positive results for all.

I have been a trainer for many years and I would rate Renée as one of the best corporate trainers I have worked with.

– Valerie Maude. Head Trainer

Very engaging, down to earth and her understanding made us feel really comfortable throughout the workshop.

I was engaged the entire workshop.  I feel like I can go away and use learnings not just at work but in my day to day life.  I really enjoyed the practical side and felt it was non confrontational.

Renée and her team were very relatable and friendly.  She is very knowledgeable and was responsive to the groups needs. 

Renée is a highly engaging presenter with an easy going but authorative style that kept the entire group involved and attentive.

As a trainer Renée is passionate, articulate and highly committed in ensuring all course participants achieve high results in a motivating, fun and challenging environment.  As an accredited coach Renée brings coaching skills into training which I believe maximises the learning for each individual course attendee.

Overall, Renée has achieved excellent results in an industry where training is seen as an integral part of the employment solution.  However, performance is paramount and success is measured in the ability of the course attendee to not only gain employment, but retain employment for an extended period of time. Several clients have requested Renée as their preferred trainer, a testament to her training ability and relationship building and management skills.

– Lynne Dalzell, Director ‘The Right Course”

Thoroughly enjoyed the day, full of practical examples, tools, models & tips that I can apply day to day at work and in my personal life.

Renée is an extremely high energy and positive trainer and kept the workshop interesting with lot’s of participation & interaction.

Renée gave us practical & relevant examples that can be applied in my everyday work situation.  The models were very well explained and easy to use.

A really enjoyable & practical workshop with a presenter who builds instant rapport!! Just fabulous!!!

Renée uses a great balance of slides, notes and discussion.  It was very interesting & engaging!

I’d recommend Renée as a trainer anytime.

As a trainer she is amazing, she is positive, inspiring and focused.  I have seen her engage groups from the very beginning, people who are normally not responsive are answering questions and becoming involved. You can see the respect the students have for Renée. She has the wonderful ability to bring about change in mind states.

She inspires confidence in her students.

– Kathy. Senior Consultant

This workshop exceeded my expectations and left me with a lot of confidence going forward!  The delivery of the course was exceptional, Renée delivered practical & real world examples making the knowledge gained easier to apply.


Great workshop! Renée made a challenging & daunting task seem enjoyable and less complex.  I am looking forward to applying the knowledge I have learnt.

This letter is to thank you for the recent session you facilitated of which I was a part of.  I must say it certainly makes you aware of how you work, and in particular why working with some people and tasks seems easier than others.

Your style was very relaxed and approachable which helped me to discuss openly the results of my iWAM amongst my peers, even though you offered individual consultations.

I have never before had such a thorough assessment in my previous roles with major companies so this was refreshing, and more importantly, eye opening and informative.

– Scott Lowe-Director Ocassio

Renée was just excellent-motivating, motivated and knowledgeable

Renée demonstrates what she teaches and she conveyed with clarity and confidence the key elements of writing a top proposal.  I am so eager to now put it all into practice!!

– Donor Partnership Manager

This High Performing team workshop Renée ran gave me both the ability & confidence to better manage my team.

Renée is an excellent facilitator. Thank you for a dynamic & informative day!

Short, sharp & adaptable workshop that provided me with great tools that can be applied in my day to day work.

This program provided a really good balance of theory and practical examples.  You come away with the understanding of what the skill was and a clear demonstration of how to apply it!

I am a Team Leader for a Job Service Australia provider and I have worked with Renée during a Training Program she has conducted in my Office recently.

In the time I have spent with Renée I have found her approach to training very professional and accommodating with the clients she works with.

Most of these clients have various vocational and non vocational barriers in which Renée worked hard to overcome.  Her positive approach with the Job Seekers has been very successful and since she has completed her training with them we have been able to find employment for 80% of them.  The highest outcome we have yet to see. 

With outcome as good as these we are happy to work with her in the future.

– Senior JOB search Manager

Renée is a talented and amazing coach with a passion for developing people. A sign of a highly skilled coach is someone who can adapt a session to individual needs, and that’s exactly what Renée was able to do. Her expertise and depth of knowledge about iWAM is extensive. Renée linked iWAM to my goals and helped me realise my preferred way of working and how to use my motivation productively to achieve my career goals.
Renée is an excellent communicator and clearly understands the challenges experienced in organisations.  Her thought provoking questions and insights provide depth to the coaching experience and along with her is professional and engaging style, she delivers quality results. The iWAM coaching experience with Renée was outstanding and I would highly recommend Renée to anyone who wants to develop greater insights into their work and motivation.

– Christina Strouzas Facilitator, Capability & Development Specialist

I highly recommend Renée as a career coach.  I found her knowledge and expertise help me enormously. Renée’s extensive FMCG sales experience and great interpersonal skills made the process easy, but its her extensive knowledge of current coaching tools including iWAM that got me a far better understanding of my motivators and goals, fast results and a great new job within days of my last session.

– Scott Anderson NBM at Independent Distillers

Renée and I began a coaching relationship in May 2007 and for 18 months Renée’s support was a major contributor to the success of my business in the establishment phase.  As a person Renée is warm and engaging – a person who sparkles with life.  As a coach she is confident, approachable and skilled.  She brings an extensive tool kit of coaching skills, and has the wisdom and experience to know when to use each. Her coaching is underpinned by solid industry experience and an impressive professional development program.

Would I call on Renée’s services again? Yes! I worked with her yesterday and was reminded again of her skills and the value I gain from her involvement in my professional life.

– Corrine Amour Empowering leaders to exceed their objectives

Most of all, whilst the sessions were always quite mentally challenging, I was left afterwards with an overwhelming sense of relief and peace. I would highly recommend Renée to anyone who is seeking an objective point of view or simply to speak with someone who facilitates a greater understanding of you than even those who have known you for 20 years ever could.

Thanks Renée for assisting in my metamorphosis…

Renée is an outstanding Coach. She helped me navigate my way through some significant career changes and help create new pathways for making the ‘jump.’  Renée is energetic, focused and personable.  Her professionalism and client orientation is second to none and she can help you get great results.  I still utilise Renée’s skills and suggest you do too!

– Rohan Dredge- Senior Minister – Discovery Church

I had the pleasure of Renée’s coaching last year when moving on from a company after 14 years.  The course was “Moving On”, and that was a big piece that i didn’t realise could have such an effect on me.  The course provided me with the tools and knowledge to work on “me” as this was never done before.  I learnt more skills on how to sell myself, and how the new employment world would treat me when job hunting.  

I found it very useful to me, completing the IWAM (Inventory Workplace Attitudes and Motivations) profiling.  This gave me a true understanding of how I work and in what environments I work well in.  It’s not a personality profile but how our brains process information.  Renée used this to guide us through.

Renée is a very deep and detailed coach, I have also had the pleasure of knowing Renée personally and I find her very trustworthy and reliable.  I still from time to time call upon her services personally, and she is more than happy to drop what she is doing for that 5 min power chat, to give me out-of-the-box ideas and processes.

– Anna Keith Kypriadid Sales Manager Samsung

It has been a pleasure working with Renée as my coach to establish a more clearly defined career and life path.  At times the personal pressures of life and work often appear overwhelming but Renée helped break mine down into both meaningful and practical components.

The use of iWAM as a critical personal insight tool helped established my personal motivators and drivers thus creating a foundation from which to build a career map.

Her personal and engaging approach combined with a commitment to understand me as an individual rather than as a client, enabled me to build trust very quickly which, in turn, allowed us to work in true partnership. The knowledge Renée has gained from the corporate sector combined with an ability to connect with people provided enormous benefit to my journey and helped deliver a plan for my future. Renée’s motivating yet empathetic style created a high degree of self responsibility and ownership of my process.

Her personal style combined with the use of highly relevant practical tools and exercises provides me tremendous confidence in endorsing her as a wonderful coach and as a quality person.

– Adam – Executive

Who am I? What make drives me? What are my goals? Well, thanks to the Renée, I can for the first time I have the answer all of these questions!

Being a person that finds self analysis extremely difficult, Renée was able to ask me all the right questions and gave me the tools so that only I could find the answers to what truly lies within.

Thank you Renée, for helping me to step out of my comfort zone….it was not only challenging but refreshing.

I look forward for working with again in the future.

– Natacha – Vodafone

Renée, how can I appreciate and acknowledge you for how you helped me change, thank you for being the coach I needed you to be.  You helped me make some major shifts in my thinking and I am now living in the benefits of that change right now.

Since I took on Coaching with you Renée my income has doubled and I expect it to continue to increase, I am working fewer hours and enjoying so much more of life! – Thank you for being an outstanding Coach and being totally committed to my benefit!

If I could tell EVERYONE to say yes to you being their Coach I would.

– Rohan Dredge. Principal – New Level Leaders

Since participating in Metamorphose coaching: Renée has assisted me to better clarify my role and therefore my areas of responsibility …  to forward plan for the future … using an objective approach to identifying issues and responding confidently to achieve goals …. the process has been very empowering both professionally and personally.

– Lisa (Community Sector Manager)

Recently I used Renée’s expertise for Career Coaching with significant results.  Her personal and engaging manner coupled with her strategic approach to designing a program suited to me delivered outstanding results.  Her use and in depth knowledge of the iWAM program enabled me to better understand my motivations and map a career path that has landed me a personally rewarding and enriching career role.  It is with pleasure I recommend Renée to anyone who’s compass has gone a little askew and needs realigning.

– Sales Manager

I would like to thank Renée for all her insight, intelligence and amazing positive mind techniques that helped to change myself.

If you are looking to understand yourself more and really witness your thoughts and understand your mind you must see Renée.  Renée really helped me to eliminate my negative and un resourceful thinking patterns and helped me replace them with powerful techniques to enhance and strengthen my positive thoughts. Renée’s strong, positive energy inspires, motivates and challenges you to do things you never thought possible.

Thank you again Renée!

I highly recommend Renée as a career coach.  I found her knowledge and expertise helped me enormously. Renée’s extensive FMCG sales experience and great interpersonal skills made the process easy, but its her extensive knowledge of current coaching tools including iWAM that got me a far better understanding of my motivators and goals, fast results and a great new job within days of my last session.

Renée was recommended to me by a close friend at a time when my career had come to a turning point, and from the moment I first met her I knew she was the right person to assist me through that transition.  

Renée has a special talent in listening to her client and turning that knowledge into a structured measurable outcome.  Her expertise in job transition comes from years of experience in the industry and her skill in utilising the latest research tools such as the iWAM program.
I found Renée’s patience and understanding in moving thorough my career motivators, needs and desires produced great moments of clarity and insight that were unexpected and extremely valuable.  Her assistance allowed me to easily plan my next step knowing I was traveling on the correct path.  I would absolutely recommend Metamorphose Coaching to anyone thinking about a change of career or an assessment of his or her own personal motivators at work and in broader life. 

– William