My interview with Heidi Pollard

How to increase motivation and performance of your team and organisation?

“Leading your team and developing their future skills is imperative and not only will you get time back to focus on the important things so you can lead not manage, in the process you will be motivating staff, understanding and leveraging their strengths, building a succession pipeline and lifting performance by having people doing the right thing at the right time and owning it”

This week I had the pleasure to interview the fabulous Renée Giarrusso who is a Communication, Sales Effectiveness and Leadership Expert and also the Founder & Director of Renée Giarrusso Dynamics.

She is obsessed with seeing people reach their full potential, and she passionately works with leaders and their teams to achieve this and flourish.

Renée has a passion to work with individuals & organisations who want to better themselves and has attracted thousands of clients from over 24 industries to date. Renée has just published her first book “Limitless Leadership”- A guide to leading from the inside out.

On the show, Renée draws card of Uniqueness No. 2, 8, 18, 21, 48.

Heidi Alexandra Pollard – CEO Mentor

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Since 2006, Renée Giarrusso has been passionately supporting businesses and individuals to achieve growth and success. We have worked with hundreds of clients across a myriad of industries including: FMCG, telco, professional services, car, engineering, electronics, beverage, government, not for profit, job search and many more. After 11 years in senior roles in a multi national, Renée Giarrusso decided it was time to spread her wings and fulfil her desire to work across a plethora of industries and organisations in a people development capacity. Renée and her team specialise in professional speaking, consulting, motivational profiling, training, coaching and facilitation.

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Our Happy Clients

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Renee. I was in awe of Renee’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas on easy to use coaching and leadership models. Her energy and passion was so inspiring and engaging. “Talk about motivating”. As a trainer, coach, mentor, leader and facilitator Renee earns my highest recommendation
Rachel, GM JLL
Renee’s character, passion and delivery need to be bottled and sent to every business and organisation. The skills provided and constructive feedback has empowered an entire team in just three days. Thank you and well done.
General Manager, GM-GS1 Australia
Renée delivers on her promise of helping leaders and teams achieve their potential. Her guidance, coaching and mentoring over the past 2 years have helped me build a successful team that have achieved growth in excess of 100%. 
Rodney, Senior Engineer Intrax
Renee was amazing, great knowledge and brilliant presentation, I learnt so much!
I would highly recommend this program to any middle or senior leaders. It is for anyone who wants to refresh and grow their leadership skills. This workshop has given me the practical skill, knowledge to strengthen my skills as a leader. Renee experience, insights and coaching experience were brilliant!
Renee!!! She was fabulous and brilliant with her training! Loved every bit of the program, which offered so much value and insight!
“Great program of influencing and understanding motivation of those we work with. Renee was extremely dynamic and engaging and I took so much away.”
“Very interactive workshop, one of the best I have been involved in before.  It was hands on and I loved that it wasn’t all text book but free flowing, fun and dynamic.”
” Highly recommend this leadership and team building workshop to other potential leaders.  The content was relevant and eye opening and Renee was every well informed, experienced and hands on and also adaptable to working with 9 different company leaders in one room.  My organisations money was very well spent.”
Renée is a gifted management consultant with extensive experience in training, facilitation & executive coaching. She knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to.
Joseph Kamara, International Programming Group at World Vision Australia
Renée’s personal and engaging approach combined with a commitment to understand me as an individual rather than as a client, enabled me to build trust very quickly which, in turn, allowed us to work in true partnership.
Senior Executive
Renée was a great facilitator for developing stronger relationships within an existing team.
Jenni Smith, Health Care